A new study estimates more than 1.5 billion masks will enter the oceans this year.

Green Circle Salons offers a PPE Recovery program, where they supply a disposal box for single-use masks and other materials for a modest fee. The client then ships the full box back to Green Circle Salons, where the materials are burned for energy or processed as construction material, such as asphalt filler.


Decreasing the Carbon Footprint in Salons

There’s an ongoing battle in the beauty industry. It’s all about waste and salons, barber shops, and spas nationwide know…

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How Sustainability Can Help You Differentiate Your Salon and Attract New Guests and Talent

On November 7, SALON TODAY partnered with Green Circle Salons to offer a complimentary webinar on a critical topic for…

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West Michigan hair salon is clipping away at waste as part of an international movement

Waste Warriors, or salon owners part of Green Circle Salons, are keeping people and the planet beautiful. Palace Flophouse in…

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