Bag it

There’s a beauty waste problem, but together, we’ve got it in the bag. Recycle hair and foils and repurpose excess color instead of trashing them with Green Circle Salons’ services. All you have to do is collect your beauty waste by type and send it back to us.

Ship it

A beautiful difference and beautifully simple? We’d ship that too. Tell your guests that their hair, foils and excess color aren’t part of the 421,000 pounds of waste sent to landfills by salons in North America every day. With Green Circle Salons, it’s as easy as sticking a shipping label on it and sending it back to us.

Better it

Join a community of waste warriors turning their hair clippings into combs, foils into bike frames and excess color into energy. Join Green Circle Salons — where our services help you make the difference the beauty industry needs.


It’s simple. Once you’re a Green Circle Salons member, we will provide you with boxes or bins to organize your beauty waste by type and when they’re full, stick a provided shipping label on them and send them back to us.

Whether you’re a team of 1 or 100, we offer customized programs that help you build revenue and fund your recycling program. But on top of that, 84% of salon guests care about a salon’s environmental impact. Gain new clients that are looking for sustainable salon services while making a real difference. We’ll help you:

· Build new revenue
· Self-fund your green transformation

Fill out the form above and start the conversation to get your salon set up as an eco friendly hair salon.

Hair is naturally biodegradable, but it takes a long time and when it gets thrown into a landfill, it produces methane that contributes to climate change. With Green Circle Salons, your beauty salon is able to ship your hair, foils and excess color to us so they are recycled or repurposed instead.

Beauty waste comes in many shapes and sizes. We help you recycle or repurpose up to 95% of your hair salon, beauty salon, barber shop or anything else’s service waste. We accept hair clippings, foils, excess color, plastic, paper, cardboard, single-use items like nail files and wax strips, and much more. Send it to us and start adding sustainable salon to your salon marketing materials.

The short answer is: not much more than your current trash set up! It’s as simple as swapping a few of your trash bins for recycling bins to collect individual types of waste. Depending on the size of your business and volume of waste generated, we also offer different size shipping boxes, but they all fold flat so they won’t take up too much space while not in use.